Analyze Scattered Feedback

We analyze data from hundreds of review sites to help you identify the root drivers of customer sentiment and make data-driven decisions that improve the customer experience.


Analyze customer sentiment

RemedyPoint collects, cleans, and analyzes online feedback about your brand from across the Internet. We use Natural Language Process (NLP) technology to make sense of all that big data so you can understand key customer sentiments expressed online, both company-wide and location-specific.


Target your competition

Understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to help drive marketing messages, sales efforts, and strategic planning. See which categories your competition scores highest and lowest in, and develop company-wide best practices that turn your competitors’ customers into yours.

Drive improvement and growth

Your online reputation determines your bottom line (not the other way around), and your reputation is built by shared customer experiences. RemedyPoint delivers robust analytics reports that illuminate customer insights and let the voice of the customer guide strategic decisions company-wide.

Evaluate your industry ranking

RemedyPoint tracks your top competitors and analyzes their customer reviews to see how you rank. We analyze data from hundreds of review sites and social platforms using our Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, letting you easily identify opportunities to capture market share.

Quantify customer feedback

With so much customer feedback being generated every day, it can be difficult translate it into a strategic plan. RemedyPoint structures insights by business drivers, sentiment drivers, and customer verbatims, making it easy to spur decisive action from the executive suite down to the front lines.

Identify themes and trends

We can help you compare your customer sentiment against industry leaders at a national, regional, or local level. Analyze relative performance against your competitors based on your defined success metrics, and identify overall business themes and trends that you can track over time.


RemedyPoint is an all-in-one solution for reputation marketing. We bring together consulting, technology, and project management so you don’t have to knit things together yourself. You can be up and running in a week.